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Advertising Optimization

You have probably tried advertising in many different media outlets over the years. Some campaigns have been extremely successful, while others may not have delivered intended results. What about the campaigns you are running now?

How do you know that you are getting the most out of your current advertising efforts?

How do you know that you couldn’t increase your business’ sales with the ad dollars that you are already spending?

The key to success in advertising, whether it’s in radio, newspaper, yellow pages, or the internet, is optimization - getting the best results for the money that you’re spending.

The Barmak Group specializes in delivering advertising effectiveness for our clients. We have been working in media for over 20 years. Our team has experience on both sides of the advertising relationship. As a team, the Barmak Group has worked for advertising agencies, radio stations, newspapers, and also sold to them. We know how advertising works from the inside out, and we use this knowledge to help our clients build effective ad campaigns.





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